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Dual Belt Mining Corporation (D.B.M.C.)

1) Description of Government: The government is a dictatorship run and owned by a man named Istvan Takach. His is the sole-owner of the D.B.M.C.. (See history below). Istvan has informants who check up on things in the mining colonies. They have been known to take bribes. If they are caught, then they are terminated without trial.

a) History: Istvan Takach inherited his small mining company from his father. At that time, it was only in on a moon of one planet of the Vac system. Piracy was common on their shipping route. When Istvan inherited the company, this was the state of the business. Money for protection was the problem. So he secretly, over a number of years, set up a mining colony in the outside asteroid belt that could mine the asteroids and ship from a different trade route. The contact between the main operation on the moon and the asteroid belt mining facility was very minimal for fear of discovery. Istvan had no idea how well this would work. The asteroids had 10 times the minerals that he had anticipated. He quickly was able to gain enough money to eradicate the pirates that hindered his work. Once that was done, he expanded the mining colony on the asteroid belt. His business boomed. He soon had enough money to buy out the nearby solar system of Siofok. It was an independent solar system that tried to stay out of protectorate affairs. The deal took a long time, but he managed to obtain responsibility of the protection of the whole solar system. He immediately set up multiple mining stations in the asteroid belt that resided in the newly obtained Siofok solar system. He employed natives to the system as part of the deal. Ever since them, the D.B.M.C has been the primary seller of materials to most of the protectorates in this sector.

b) Type of government: Dictatorship (Corporation President)

c) Leaders: Istvan Takach

d) Major laws and crimes: Pirates found in the system are eradicated. They are looked upon as insects with the reasoning as, "if you let one go, there will soon be more."

2) Technology of the Government

a) Army strengths: The army consists of different types of mecha from each protectorate that it has either tried to copy, or received as a trade for minerals.

b) Major military hardware

i) O.C.C.s: Miners, Fighter Pilots, Mechanics, Head hunters, Government Investigators.

ii) Mecha and robots: There is no standard mecha for the DBMC Protectorate. They have developed larger mecha for heavy mining, which can double as combat units. Most of the mecha are due to trading from other protectorates.

3) Listing of solar systems under protectorate:



4) Rivalries: None. Any government has rarely tried Istvan’s lobbyist powers. Those that have tried didn’t last long at all. His trade deals have gotten him an inside in each government.