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1) Description of Government

a) History: A general in the Coalition army, by the name of Nash, was leading several transports. They were loaded to the hilt and heading to a village in the West to put down a rebellion. En route, they were suddenly caught up in a Rift storm and rifted to a nearby solar system. The three transports were relatively unharmed and Nash found himself on a strange planet, with a large force of mecha and weapons. Before any of his troops could react, he sent them to secure a large production facility nearby. His troops quickly overcame the security force around the facility and secured the area. To his surprise Nash found that he was now in possession of a space shuttle building facility. After a short period of time Nash made some brilliant moves. He is a very charismatic individual and he won the support of the locals on the planet. He built his own empire before any one even knew that he was there. After a period of four years the entire solar system was under his control with two star ship construction facilities at his disposal. He poured all the local resources into his army and two years later he took control of another solar system. It was after a seven-year absence from Earth that he decided to return for a visit. Upon arriving he was surprised to find so much activity in Earth Orbit. He monitored their radio signals and discovered that they had been there since before the ley line eruption. He didn't make contact with the orbital colonies because they were not whom he had come to see. When he entered orbit and tried to go down to the surface his ship was attacked. His men managed to fight off the attackers and leave orbit. His ship hid in the asteroid belt while he tried again to approach the Earth, this time using a radar invisible shuttle. He was able to slip through the patrols and killer satellites. With a few well-placed missiles he made a hole big enough in the debris ring to slip through and land on the planet's surface. He made contact with the Coalition and expressed his wishes to make Earth part of his empire. The leaders of the Coalition still remembered Nash from seven years ago. In their arrogance and pride, they refused to submit themselves to the leadership of someone that was once their subordinate. As a result Nash labeled Earth as off limits to anyone that ever wanted to go there. He claimed Earth's solar system as part of his Empire but refused to allow any colonies to settle there. He did set up a space station next to the asteroid belt with a security force and a mining operation. He left it up to the Earth Orbit communities to enforce his Earth off-limits policy. The Earth Coalition has tried to send spacecraft into orbit since Nash's visit. But, they still don't know about the colonies in orbit that are so adamant about the containment of Earth.

b) Type of government: Dictatorship. Nash is the head of the Coalition protectorate. He has several advisors but when it comes down to it Nash makes the decisions alone. The individual planets and colonies have their own community governments that govern their populations themselves. They are not aloud to form their own militaries but they can have a small police force to enforce the laws. Nash runs the military and foreign affairs. He has claim to all the natural and agricultural resources that he leases out to the community governments. In return Nash provides military protection and aid when necessary. Percent of Corruption among the governing body: 30%

c) Leaders: Randolph Nash

d) Attitude toward private companies: Taxes private companies fairly heavily and monitors them for betrayal. The Coalition does offer excellent protection and insurance of the companies’ shipping and production as a benefit to keep them in the Protectorate.

e) Major laws and crimes: Piracy is not tolerated. Another great crime is insurance fraud. Each case is investigated thoroughly.

2) Technology of the Government

a) Army strengths: Ground units constitute the bulk of the army. Space combat units are mainly modified power armor.

b) Major military information

i) O.C.C.s

ii) Mecha and robots: The mecha and equipment of the Coalition Protectorate is very similar to the early Coalition’s on Rifts earth. They have developed a lot of new equipment, but with the same styles.

ii) Guns and equipment

3) Listing of solar systems under protectorate:

Terra (Sol)



4) Rivalries: New Police Protectorate.