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  1. Megaton

1) Description of Government

a) History: The three solar systems of the Megaton protectorate are the first to form a protectorate sector. The three banned together to protect their common interests. One of the biggest reasons was what happened to the inhabitants of Kismaro long ago. Pirates were also another problem that they had to defend against. They shared their own technology and started to push the pirates out of their systems. This was all done in unison with all three systems cooperating. The Kezel played a big part in getting rid of the pirates.

Another key player were the black-smiths in Vac. They used the unusual metal of that planet to supply powerful hand weapons and armor to fight the pirates. The metal is found only in this system and can only be formed in the presence of a crystal found in the volcanic regions of the home planet. These are not mystical. More details to follow.

b) Type of government: Monarchy on each system. Kings, Dukes, and Knights etc. exist on all of the inhabited planets. There is a counsel for the protectorate issues and laws. This counsel also is used to resolve kingdom disputes. Even though there is a protectorate army, all of the armies of each kingdom can be used as resources for the protectorates.

c) Leaders:

d) Major laws and crimes: They are protective of the environment.

e) Attitude toward private companies: All production companies are set up in orbit or on moons to protect the environment on the home worlds.

2) Technology of the Government

a) Army strengths: The infantry is one of the strengths. All soldiers are all issued a light power armor that has a mechanical animal unit. The unit can attach to the power armor or can be used as a reconnaissance tool as well as fire support in a combat situation. They do have navies, space navies, an airforce, and other specialty groups.

b) Major military hardware

i) O.C.C.s: Ground units, fighter pilots,

ii) Mecha and robots: The native animals that exist in the protectorate inspire the mecha and robots.

ii) Guns and equipment: Different types of mechanical animals are the most notable items.

3) Listing of solar systems under protectorate:




4) Rivalries