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  1. Northern Star

1) Description of Government

a) History: The formation of this protectorate is still a mystery. It has been struggling to gain a standard technology since it’s formation. Once it does, it plans to expand its boundaries.

b) Type of government: The government consists of three unknown people. These rulers have informants who send reports of activity.

c) Leaders: Three Unknown persons. (For GM’s, these three are stranded robotech masters)

d) Attitude toward private companies: Encourages private companies to develop technologies. It gives breaks and rewards for developments and technological break throughs. It does monitor the activity of the companies as to prevent development of technologies for other protectorates. There are also spies sent to discover other protectorates’ discoveries.

e) Major laws and crimes

2) Technology of the Government

a) Army strengths

b) Major military hardware

i) O.C.C.s: Power armor pilot, fighter pilot, space ship pilot.

ii) Mecha and robots

ii) Guns and equipment

3) Listing of solar systems under protectorate:




4) Rivalries