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1) Description of Government: Unknown to the Protectorate sector. No one has returned from ventures into the system.

a) History: Unknown at this time.

b) Type of government: Unknown to the rest of the protectorate. But there is an army that is building up its forces there for some reason.

c) Leaders: Unknown

d) Major laws and crimes: No one is allowed inside the outside orbit in the solar system. Violators will be eradicated.

2) Technology of the Government

a) Army strengths: Unknown. No one has tested the army strength recently.

b) Major military hardware

i) O.C.C.s

ii) Mecha and robots

ii) Guns and equipment

3) Listing of solar systems under protectorate:


4) Rivalries: All who venture into the system. The protectorate does not initiate trouble outside of its system.