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  1. Pirates’ Zone

1) Description of Government: The government consists of clans and their leaders.

a) History: For a long time, the pirates were unsuccessfully opposed in most of the systems of the protectorate sector. They had free reign. Then, it seems like all at once, there were armies arising from solar systems fending them back. Then the protectorates were formed. Most of the pirate’s hideouts were raided and destroyed. They were pushed back to the three systems that they reside in now. They have been able to hold this perimeter for sometime now. No one is really pushing them anymore. They do go out, still, and try to steal, and hijack what they can. Common techniques include towing asteroids into the middle of trading routes. The obstruction automatically causes the ship to come out of hyperspace to avoid running into the object. This is when the pirates attack. Another more subtle way is by having a clan member get hired on as a crewmember. They then tap into the guidance system and reroute it into the Pirate zone.

b) Type of government: Anarchy. Although there are clans and their leaders. They each control parts of the systems. There is no one leader of the whole "protectorate". There are even disputes between the clans at times.

c) Leaders: Each clan has a leader. There are many of them.

d) Attitude toward private companies: The clan owns all companies. Private companies pay so much for protection that they may as well be owned by the protecting clan.

e) Major laws and crimes: Acts against a clan are cause of retaliation by the rest of the clan members.

2) Technology of the Government

a) Army strengths

b) Major military hardware

i) O.C.C.s: Pirates, Technicians,

ii) Mecha and robots: All combinations of Protectorate sector mecha.

ii) Guns and equipment: Same as Mecha and robots.

3) Listing of solar systems under protectorate:




4) Rivalries: All Protectorates, as well as some clans inside this zone.