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What is the Inland Southern California Psychotherapy Association?

What are the most frequent mental health problems?

What services does the Association offer?

Telephone directory listings

How does the Association's Counseling Referral Service work?

Our State Licensed Counselors:

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    Founded in 1964, the Association is composed of male and female, multidisciplinary, California State Licensed mental health professionals all in independent private practice. They serve the entire Inland Southern California area from counseling centers throughout San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.

Professional Members Include:



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  1. Depression feeling sad, loss of energy, no interest in living, poor appetite, decreased sex drive, sleep difficulties
  2. Anxiety fearful of too many things for no good reason, worry and nervousness which interfere with normal activities.
  3. Family Problems such as separation, divorce, child custody, parent-child conflicts, aging, domestic violence.
  4. Communication problems with loved ones and others.
  5. Alcohol and Drug abuse and dependency.
  6. Stress related problems with work, health or others.
  7. Abuse of children and spouse.
  8. Sexual Problems.
  9. School related learning and behavioral problems.
  10. Unwanted Behavior related to eating, weight, smoking, stress.
  11. Emotional Problems resulting from serious health problems.
  12. Searching for identity, career and personal growth.



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    The Inland Southern California Psychotherapy Association's State Licensed professionals offer the full range of mental health services for children, adolescents and adults, within the scope of their training, qualifications, experience and license.

Services include:



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    The Association's Counseling Referral Service is listed in the Yellow Pages of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties Telephone Directories under the headings of 1) Mental Health Services, 2) Marriage, Family and Child Therapists, 3) Psychologists, 4) Hypnosis and 5) Lie Detection Service.



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    Persons in need of all types of mental health services may telephone 1-800-426-1113 toll free, day or night and immediately be connected to a State Licensed Counselor who will consult with you. Then based on factors such as your characteristics, needs, resources and availability, the Counselor will strive to match you with the best mental health professional for you in your local community. There is no charge for this confidential referral service.




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All telephone calls are answered by Licensed professionals.